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We are ABET Accredited!


The Department of Electrical and Computer  Engineering's undergraduate programs are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. For more information, visit the ABET website.



The University of Maryland offers one of the most renowned electrical and computer engineering programs on the east coast; competing with other top engineering schools in the nation.  Faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students are working on some of the most  challenging and exciting research projects of our time. With approximately 85 teaching and research faculty members, 825 undergraduate students, 500 graduate students and over $30 million in research expenditures, the department is one of the most active education and research units at the University of Maryland.

At the undergraduate level, the ECE department offers degree programs in Computer Engineering (in collaboration with the department of Computer Science) and Electrical Engineering.

Our undergraduate programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering are based on a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and basic engineering science. The curriculum of the first two years is designed to enable our students to succeed in the final years of the program. With a graduation requirement of 120 credits in both computer and electrical engineering, most of our students complete their studies within four years. Opportunities abound for motivated students to become more engaged with the practical application of their curriculum including Undergraduate Research Fellowships, internship opportunities, professional engineering organization involvement, and student competitions.

Program Educational Objectives

  1. Technical Accomplishments: Have our graduates establish a reputation for technical expertise and excellence among colleagues and achieve professional recognition for their work, in graduate or professional school and/or the technical workforce.
  2. Invention, Innovation, and Creativity: Have our graduates utilize their skills and resourcefulness to invent, design and realize novel technology; to find creative and innovative solutions to engineering problems; and to identify, research and solve new technical challenges in electrical engineering and related fields.
  3. Professional Development: Have our graduates stay abreast of emerging technologies, continually learn new skills, and actively participate in professional communities to nourish ever-developing careers.
  4. Professionalism & Citizenship: Have our graduates embrace cultural societal, environmental, and ethical issues in their work to help fulfill their professional responsibilities to themselves, employers, employees, co-workers, and the local and global communities.
  5. Communication & Teamwork: Have our graduates excel on multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, demonstrate leadership, and effectively employ their oral and written communications skills to resolve problems and inform, educate and persuade diverse audiences.

Enrollment and Graduation Rates

Our current undergraduate enrollment is 862 students distributed over all four years of study.

For students who entered our department as freshmen in Fall of 2008, 48 percent graduated in four years and 61 percent graduated in five years with a B.S. in Electrical or Computer Engineering.
Our five- and six-year graduation rates are nearly identical. That is to say that all of our students who graduate do so in five years or less.
For students who entered our department as freshmen in Fall of 2008, 59 percent graduated in four years and 83 percent graduated in five years with a degree from University of Maryland, College Park.