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UMD Engineers Developing Robots to Compete in RoboMasters 2017

The team will find out if they are qualified for the competitive RoboMasters 2017 Wild Card this summer.    More»

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Alumnus Peng Qiu Granted Tenure at Georgia Tech

Qiu completed his Ph.D. in 2007 at the University of Maryland; there he was advised by Professor K.J. Ray Liu.    More»

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Electrically Controllable Optical Materials for Solar Sails Featured on Cover of Advanced Optical Materials 

A solar sail device is developed that can be steered by electronically altering its transparency near the edges.

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UMD Transportation Experts to Evaluate Economic Benefits of Infrastructure Investments

The project could help officials save taxpayer money while maximizing economic benefits of transportation infrastructure projects    More»

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Alumnus Iyad Tarazi Presents “Managing your Destiny” at IEEE Leadership Seminar

Alumnus Iyad Tarazi, CEO, Federated Wireless, kicked off ECE's IEEE Spring Leadership Seminar Series on February 9.    More»