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Annual Cool Careers in CyberSecurity for Girls Summit
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
10:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
The Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
For More Information:
Davina Pruitt-Mentle, Ph.D.

The CyberWatch K12 Division presents the “Annual Cool Careers in CyberSecurity for Girls Summit”, an event where middle school girls have the opportunity work as Identity Theft Investigators (CSI) team for a day by solving an Identity Theft/Cyberbullying crime! In order to solve an Identity Theft / Cyberbullying crime, the elite all girl CSI teams will assemble a computer and use digital forensics tools on cell phones, wireless data streams, hard drives and pictures! During this interactive crime solving event, girls learn from women in companies and agencies throughout the state what it takes to navigate the professional pipeline in the vast fields of Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, and Digital Forensics. Event will include speakers from the University of Maryland (TBD).

This event is a part of Cool Careers in CyberSecurity Workshops, a program created by The CyberWatch K12 Division to encourage young women and minorities to explore careers within science and technology fields.

This Event is For: K-12

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