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Results:  Latest Research Articles

Maryland researchers develop computational approach to understanding brain dynamics
This paper published in PNAS develops a signal processing framework for extracting dynamic functional networks from neuronal data at unprecedented resolutions.  April 10, 2018  More »

Maryland researchers awarded $1M DARPA Lagrange program cooperative agreement
Marcus, Fu, Simon and Babadi will build a scalable, risk-sensitive and real time optimization framework tailored to noninvasive neuroimaging data from the human brain.  April 10, 2018  More »

Schizophrenia drug monitoring device research featured on IEEE Sensors Letters cover
The paper culminates a four-year collaboration among Clark School, IBBR and University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers.  April 4, 2018  More »

Maryland researchers awarded DARPA cooperative agreement to develop robotic swarm strategies
Maryland's is among the first “core swarm sprints” projects awarded in DARPA’s OFFensive Swarm-Enabled Tactics (OFFSET) program.  April 3, 2018  More »

Vishnubhotla, Espy-Wilson granted patent for improving speech extraction
The patent could improve automatic speech recognition systems, hearing aids and cochlear implants.  March 28, 2018  More »

Improving speech intelligibility testing with new EEG methods
Tests developed at KU Leuven and the University of Maryland could result in better diagnoses for patients with speech comprehension issues.  March 7, 2018  More »

Khaligh, McCluskey receive Boeing funding for more electric aircraft
The team is developing the world’s first wide-bandgap GaN-based modular Rectified Transformer Rectifier Units for commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 787.  February 19, 2018  More »

UMD Awarded $1.4 Million to Design New Treatment for PCBs, Heavy Metals in Stormwater
The three-year project aims to improve water quality in critical waterways like the Chesapeake Bay and Puget Sound.  February 19, 2018  More »

UMD researchers find listening to sound changes how neurons interact within the brain
The brain encodes not only the acoustical properties of sounds, but also the behavioral meanings and decisions we make based on what we hear.  February 2, 2018  More »

Ephremides is PI for new ONR 'age of information' grant
The research will focus on the use of age for wireless network control.  November 30, 2017  More »