World Course UNIV 118A
The Creative Drive

Creativity in Architecture, Music and Science

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: There is creativity in virtually every aspect of life: from literature to art, from music to dance, from communication to science, from engineering to business. Thus it is natural to ask what is creativity, what is the process of creativity in different areas, what are its common threads, and what makes great creative works great. In this offering of The Creative Drive, we will focus on the great creative personalities and works in modern architecture, music (especially jazz and contemporary popular music), and science and mathematics (especially chaos). The course will be led by professors of Architecture, Music, and Mathematics. In the architecture segment we will study the life and works of Frank Lloyd Wright. Below is a photograph of one of his most famous buildings, Fallingwater, southeast of Pittsburgh.


World Course UNIV 128A

The Universe, Life, Genes and Intelligence

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Was there a beginning? Are there fundamental principles which underly and explain the universe? Can we effectively search for the answers to these questions? In this course three professors from Physics, Biology, and Computer Science will examine the approaches and ideas science provides into some of the deepest questions human beings ask about themselves and the universe. The spirit of science is inquiry and challenge. In this course the weekly discussion seminars will be the setting for spirited dialog between the students and the instructors as opinions are challenged and ideas tested.

The brain- a computer view

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