These are the projects I worked during my undergrad.

Vector Datapath in DSP Processor

We modified the architecture of a RISC processor (OR1200) to implement vector instructions without increasing memory bandwidth. We successfully downloaded and tested the modified soft core OR1200 processor on Xilinx Virtex II Pro Device. The modification to original OR1200 accepted by Opencores and can be downloaded here.

RFID based Tracking system

We (a team of four) developed a Local positioning system for tracking and navigating people in museums and exhibitions. The system is based on tracking RFID tags through RFID peripheral readers installed througout the builing. Each user is handed a RFID tag. Each peripheral reader periodically relays the current list of tags in its neighbourhood to a central system. The central system presents the list of tags in each periphery, displaying the current location of users. An overview of the system is available here.