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Doing Layout With Cadence


Important for 408D Students: The NCSU50 installation does not have the 0.5 micron models (AMI06) working, and the NCSU installation does not work in the Sun machines (it might work on XWin32, I didn't try.) So either follow the steps in the "User-Defined Models" section linked below to do your simulations using Spectre through Cadence, or do your simulations with Orcad Capture or PSPICE for now.

Note that this section assumes that we're using the default MOS models that come with the NCSU installation. There is also a way to put in components with your own models and thus use user-defined models in simulation. Read the previous section and this section first, then if you need to use your own models, you can find what to change in the appendix on User-Defined Models .

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