Biswadip Dey

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Graduate Student

Electrical & Computer Engineering
Institute for Systems Research
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Biswadip Dey is a PhD candidate at the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Maryland. He is working towards his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. P. S. Krishnaprasad. Biswa's present research is focused on reconstruction, analysis and synthesis of pursuit and collective motion, arising in a number of natural settings (flocking of european starling, prey capture by echolocating bats). To know more about his research, click here.

Contact details:

                      Intelligent Servosystems Laboratory,
                      Room 2210, A.V. Williams Bldg (bldg # 115)
                      Paint Branch Drive
                      University of Maryland
                      College Park, MD 20742-3285


Telephone:   +1-301-405-6585 (O);
                       +1-512-657-0805 (M)

Latest News:

  • [07/20/2014] - Our proposal for a full-day workshop on Geometry of Collective Behavior: Control, Dynamics and Reconstruction has been accepted for presentation at CDC 2014.

  • [07/20/2014] - Our paper on Control-Theoretic Data Smoothing has been accepted for CDC 2014.

  • [05/06/2014] - Awarded 2014 George Harhalakis Outstanding Systems Engineering Graduate Student Award by Institute for Systems Research, University of Maryland, College Park.

  • [03/19/2014] - Submitted our paper on Control-Theoretic Data Smoothing to CDC 2014.

  • [01/29/2014] - Talk at IIT Bombay, Mumbai, India.

  • [12/03/2013] - Advanced to PhD candidacy.

  • [06/17-19/2013] - I will be attending ACC 2013 in Washington DC, USA.

  • [06/07/2013] - Awarded Kulkarni Graduate Student Summer Research Fellowship by Graduate School, University of Maryland, College Park for Summer 2013.

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