John S. Baras


INORA- A Unified Signaling and Routing Protocol in Mobile AdHoc networks

D. Dharmaraju, A. Roy-Chowdhury, P. Hovareshti and J. S. Baras

Number: CSHCN TR 2002-18, Year: 2002, Advisor: John S. Baras

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Mobile Ad hoc NETworks(MANET) are characterized by bandwidthconstrained wireless links, multiple hops and highly dynamic topologies.Providing QoS support in MANETs is hence a challenging task. Thispaper presents the design, implementation and evaluation of INORA,which is a network layer QoS support mechanism that makes use of theINSIGNIA in-band signaling mechanism and TORA routing protocol forMANETs. TORA provides multiple routes between a given source and destination.

We present an effective coupling between TORA and INSIGNIA to getroutes that are "best-able" to provide QoS requirements fora flow. INORA also combines congestion control with routing.

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