John S. Baras


Hardware Software Co-design for Automotive CPS using Architecture Analysis and Design Language

Y. Zhou, J. S. Baras, S. Wang

To appear in the 5th Analytic Virtual Integration of Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop (AVICPS 2014), Rome, Italy, December 2, 2014.


Modern cyber-physical system (CPS) has a close relationship between software and physical system. Automotive embedded system is a typical CPS, as physical chips, sensors and actuators are physical components and software embedded within are the cyber components. The current stage of embedded systems is highly complex in architecture design for both software and hardware. It is common in industrial practice that high level control algorithm development and low level code implementation on hardware platforms are developed separately with limited shared information. However, software code and hardware architecture become closely related with the increasing complexity. Correlated requirements and dependencies between hardware and software are emerging problems of industrial practice. We demonstrate in this paper a method to link model based system design with real-time simulations and analysis of the architecture model. This allows hardware software co-design and thus early selection of hardware architecture.

Keywords hardware software co-design, architecture, model based, real-time simulation

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