John S. Baras


Extending Design Capabilities of SysML with Trade-off Analysis: Electrical Microgrid Case Study

Dimitrios Spyropoulos and John S. Baras

Proceedings of Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER’13), pp. 108-117, Atlanta, GA, March 19-22, 2013.

Full Paper (.pdf)


Changes in technology, economy and society create challenges that force us to rethink the way we develop systems. Model- Based Systems Engineering is an approach that can prove catalytic in this new era of systems development. In this paper we introduce the idea of the “modeling hub” in order to realize the vision of Model-Based Systems Engineering and especially we focus on the trade-off path of this hub. For that purpose the design capabilities of SysML are extended by integrating it with Consol-Optcad, a powerful multi-criteria optimization tool for trade-off analysis. The integration and its implementation is applied to analyze a multi-criteria optimization problem concerning power allocation and scheduling in a microgrid.

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