John S. Baras


Coordinated Scheduling and Power Control for Downlink Cross-tier Interference Mitigation in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Doo-hyun Sung, Chenxi Zhu and John S. Baras

Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE Global Communications Conference, pp. 3914-3918, Atlanta, Georgia, December 9-13, 2013.

Full Paper (.pdf)


In heterogeneous cellular networks, the deployment of low-powered picocells provides user offloading and capacity enhancement. The expansion of a picocellís coverage by adding a positive bias for cell association can maximize these effects. Under this circumstance, downlink cross-tier interference from a macro base station to pico mobile stations in the expanded picocell range deteriorates those pico mobile stationsí performance significantly. In this paper, a coordinated scheduling and power control algorithm is proposed, whereby the macro base station reduces its transmission power for those victim pico mobile stations in the expanded picocell range only on a set of resource blocks to minimize performance degradation at the macro base station. First, the transmission power level is calculated by mobile stationsí channel condition and QoS requirements. Then, a set of resource blocks is determined by solving a binary integer programming to minimize the sum of transmission power reduction subject to victim pico mobile stationsí QoS constraints. To reduce computational complexity, we utilize a heuristic algorithm, i.e., max-min greedy method, to solve the problem. Through system level simulations, we show that average and 5%-ile throughputs of victim pico mobile stations are significantly improved.


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