John S. Baras


HybridStore: An Efficient DataManagement System for Hybrid Flash-based Sensor Devices

Boabing Wang and J. S. Baras

Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks, pp. no. 50-66, Ghent, Belgium, February 13-15, 2013

Full Text Paper (.Pdf)


In this paper, we propose HybridStore, a novel efficient resourceaware data management system for flash-based sensor devices to store and query sensor data streams. HybridStore has three key features. Firstly, it takes advantage of the on-board random-accessible NOR flash in current sensor platforms to guarantee that all NAND pages used by it are fully occupied and written in a purely sequential fashion, and expensive in-place updates and out-of-place writes to an existing NAND page are completely avoided. Thus, both raw NAND flash chips and FTL-equipped (Flash Translation Layer) flash packages can be supported efficiently. Secondly, HybridStore can process typical joint queries involving both time windows and key value ranges as selection predicate extremely efficiently, even on large-scale datasets. It organizes a data stream into segments and exploits a novel index structure that consists of the inter-segment skip list, and the in-segment β-Tree and Bloom filter of each segment. Finally, HybridStore can trivially support time-based data aging without any extra overhead because no garbage collection mechanism is needed. Our implementation and evaluation with a large-scale real-world dataset in TinyOS reveals that HybridStore can achieve remarkable performance at a small cost of constructing the index.

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