John S. Baras


Studying Real-time Traffic in Multi-hop Networks Using the EMANE Emulator: Capabilities and Limitations

K. Jain, A. Roy-Chowdhury, K. Somasundaram, B. Wang, J.S. Baras

Proceedings of SIMUTools 2011- 4th International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques, pp. 93-95, Barcelona, Spain, March 21-25 2011.


In this paper, we provide an open-source software emulator setup for MANETs and study its ¯delity in providing reliable performance estimates for real-time tra±c. We emulate the IEEE 802.11 MAC/PHY (DCF) using the EMANE software emulator deployed on a cluster and run experiments for dif- ferent multi-hop wireless scenarios. As an instance, we study the performance of real-time streaming media over a mesh network supported by OLSR. We also use the setup to analyze the impact of the wireless network on the self-similarity of the traffic.

Categories and Subject Descriptors C.2.1 [Computer-Communication Networks]: Network Architecture and Design- wireless communications

General Terms: Experimentation, Performance, Measurement

Keywords: Software Emulation, Performance Evaluation

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