John S. Baras


Robust State Estimation Under False Data Injection in Distributed Sensor Networks

S. Zheng, T. Jiang and J. S. Baras

Proceedings of the IEEE Globecom 2010, pp.1-5, Miami, Florida, December 6-10, 2010.


Distributed sensor networks have been widely employed to monitor and protect critical infrastructure assets. The network status can be estimated by centralized state estimation using coordinated data aggregation or by distributed state estimation, where nodes only exchange information locally to achieve enhanced scalability and adaptivity to network dynamics. One important property of state estimation is robustness against false data injection from sensors compromised by attackers. Different from most existing works in the literature that focus on centralized state estimation, we propose two novel robust distributed state estimation algorithms against false data injection. They are built upon an existing distributed Kalman filtering algorithm. In the first algorithm, we use variational Bayesian learning to estimate attack parameters and achieve performance similar to a centralized majority voting rule, without causing extra communication overhead. In the second algorithm, we introduce heterogeneity into the network by utilizing a subset of pre-trusted nodes to achieve performance better than majority voting. We show that as long as there is a path connecting each node to some of the pre-trusted nodes, the attackers can not subvert the network. Experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed schemes.

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