John S. Baras


Systems Engineering Challenges for Design and Realtime Management of Component-Enabled Wireless Ad-hoc Networks

M.A. Austin, V. Tabatabaee and J.S. Baras

Proceedings of the 8th Conference on Systems Engineering Research (CSER 2010), pp. 1-10, Hoboken, NJ, March 17-19, 2010.


This paper describes systems engineering challenges for the systematic design and realtime management of component-enabled wireless ad-hoc networks. At the front end of development, emphasis is placed on the use of goals and scenarios, and visual modelling abstractions for elicitation of models for required functionality. We assume that network nodes will be implemented as hierarchies of interconnected sub-components. To maximise system reliability and simplify technology upgrades we advocate the use of formal approaches to component interface definition, and to validation of componentand system-level functionalities.

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