John S. Baras


CPS Modeling Integration Hub and Design Space Exploration with Application to Microrobotics

Yuchen Zhou and John S. Baras

to appear in Springer Special Volume



We describe a new methodology and environment for Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) synthesis and demonstrate it in the design of microrobots viewed as CPS. Various types of microrobots have been developed in recent years for applications related to collaborative motion such as, sensor networks, exploration and search-rescue in hazardous environments and medical drug delivery. However, control algorithms for these prototypes are very limited. Our new approach for modeling and simulation of the complete microrobotics system allows the robots to complete more complex tasks as per specifications. Since the microrobots tend to have small features, complex micro-structures and hierarchy, the control laws cannot be designed separately from the physical layer of the robots. Such a type of microrobot is indeed a CPS, as control in the cyber side, and the material properties and geometric structure in the physical side, are tightly interrelated. This design approach is important for microrobots, capable of collaborating and completing complex tasks.

Keywords: Modelica, Microrobot, CPS, System model

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