John S. Baras


Throughput Evaluation and Optimization in Wireless Networks

Nicolas Rentz

Master's Thesis, Date: December 2007, Advisor: John S. Baras

Full-text article [ PDF] (available December 2008)


While wireless communication is progressively replacing wired technology, methods for the implementation of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks are currently under development. As these methods do not require centralized coordination, they are particularly adapted to environments such as disaster recovery and military communication and are, therefore, of great interest. Despite the potential advantages, no reliable methodologies for the design of Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks have been proposed. This condition is largely due to the complexity of analysis of a wireless channel in comparison to that of a wired channel. In this thesis, we discuss the implementation of a tool for wireless network design. Taking a set of nodes and the corresponding characteristics, this tool computes the routes between each source–destination pair. The tool then computes the throughput for each connection and, finally, proposes a method for the optimization of throughput based on probabilistic routing via sensitivity analysis.

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