John S. Baras


Issues in Resource Allocation and Design of Hybrid Gateways

Ravichander Vaidyanathan

Masters Dissertation, Number: CSHCN MS 1999-5, Year: 1999, Advisor: John S. Baras

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Considerable attention has been focused on active queue management and fairresource allocation techniques in the Internet. However, few real-worldinstances exist of deployment of IP routers/gateways which implement suchtechniques.

In the first part of this thesis, we analyze theimplementation feasibility and overhead of these schemes to determinewhether this overhead represents an obstacle to deployment. To this end,we employ a novel approach with real traffic traces from the Internet anda passive gateway simulator.

Having established the feasibility of suchalgorithms, we turn our attention to buffer management techniques in thepresence of fair resource allocation. Our specific focus is on developingan effective buffer management technique for satellite networks. Thelimitations of existing schemes lead us to propose a new buffer managementscheme designed with our problem space in mind.

Finally, we look at aclass of satellite enhanced gateways, termed as connectionsplitting or spoofing gateways, proposed for implementing highperformance satellite systems. The specific design issues peculiar tothis class of gateways are analyzed. A novel architecture for fair resourceallocation in spoofing gateways is then proposed. The efficacy of ourarchitecture in providing fairness and protecting adaptive flows againstmisbehaved and non-adaptive flows is demonstrated by means of simulation.

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