John S. Baras


Network Planning Tool for Ka-Band Terrestrial Wireless and Broadband LEO Networks

Sachin S. Tatake

Masters Dissertation, Number: CSHCN MS 1999-1, Year: 1999, Advisor: John S. Baras

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Technologies capable of providing high data rates have a lot of business potential. Comprehensive planning goes behind setting up networks for service provision. It is necessary to consider alternative techniques of service provision and market characteristics before designing the network. We prepare an optimization tool to aid business analysts in designing networks for selected markets. It compares the performance expected of LMDS, Broadband LEO and Fiber Optic networks.

Characteristics of each technology make it suitable for markets with certain characteristics, and unsuitable for some. A Geographical Information System and a mathematical programming package are integrated to form a tool which writes algorithms for selected regions for each technology. They are optimized to predict performance of each technology in the form of cost versus performance tradeoffs. Using these results, the analyst can design an optimum network.

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