John S. Baras


Dynamic Routing of Voice/Data-Integrated and ATM-Based Hybrid Networks

Shihwei Chen

Doctoral Dissertation, Number: CSHCN PhD 94-1, Year: 1994, Advisor: John S. Baras

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A hybrid network consisting of a satellite network and a terrestrial net- work will increase the overall network eciency considerably by using all avail- able resources and media. This dissertation considers dynamic routing in both voice/data-integrated and ATM-based hybrid networks.

Optimal dynamic routing in such mixed-media (voice/data-integrated) net- works under Markov Queueing Modeling has been developed and solved. Rout- ing problems in such a do94-PhD-Chenmain usually lead to a weighted-sum minimization or a minimax problem. A new approach to obtain the trade-o curve of multiple- objective optimization is outlined. With a numerical optimization package, we can plot the trade-o curve exactly.

Both a centralized and a distributed implementation of this problem with Kalman lter techniques and Equilibrium Programming are presented. These techniques allow the control of a large and stochastic network by communicating with a group of communication managers in a parallel manner.

For ATM-based hybrid networks, an economic model with the objective of maximizing the \social welfare" has been adapted. This model can be developed into a form of a two-player game. With a little modi cation and adaptation, we will be able to solve the joint problem of access control and routing in both the weighted-sum formulation and the economic formulation.

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