John S. Baras


Block Diagonal Dominance and the Design of Decentralized Compensation

William H. Bennett

Masters Dissertation, Year: 1979, Advisor: John S. Baras

Full-text article [ PDF]


A frequency domain design method for control systems via decentralized feedback compensation is presented using transfer function models for the system input-output dynamics. The proposed design method is an extension of Rosenbrock's Inverse Nyquist Array method for the design of linear multivariable systems. The technique, based on the concept of block diagonal dominance for rational transfer finction matrices, allows characterization of a control system as an interconnection of weakly interacting subsystems. The flexibility of the method with respect to the partitioning and measures of gain employed leads to improved estimates for overall system stability under decentralized compensation. Examples are included which illustrate the theory and its application by computer-aided design. Various extensions are suggested for further research.

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