Download AESOP the parallelizing compiler @ It has been developed by Timothy Creech and me.

AESOP is a high-performance, open-source LLVM based compiler developed at the University of Maryland. Unlike many research compilers, AESOP is designed to handle real-world code rather than small, simple kernels.


I am the Chief of Product Development at SecondWrite LLC . I have my PhD from Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. I worked with Dr. Rajeev Barua. My field of interest is Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing. My current pet project is automatic parallelization of binaries and cache analysis of binaries.

I have attended the NSF iCorps program during oct - dec 2012. This program sponsored by NSF helps in technology transfer and teaches the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to researchers from universities.

I was the president of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Student Association (ECEGSA) for 2010-2011. We organized social and academic events throughout the year for the graduate community. I was awarded the Graduate Student Service award by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department for 2011.

I did my bachelors at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in Electrical Engineering from 2002-2006. Spent an year implementing the h264 decoder at Ittiam Systems, Bangalore before venturing to the west.