ENEE 322H Fall2012

Teaching Staff:
Instructor:   Prof. Alexander Barg, abarg@umd.edu    Office: AVW2361
Office hours: I'm in my office most of the time.
TA:     Abbas Kazemipour, kazemipour.a@gmail.com
Office hours: Monday 2-3pm, AVW 1143
Web page:
http://www.ece.umd.edu/~abarg/322 (this page)

Meeting Times:
Classes: TuTh 11:00-12:15 CHE2116
Discussion: Monday 12:00-12:50 EGR1110

Textbook: B.P. Lathi Linear Systems and Signals, Oxford University Press, 2nd Ed., 2005, ISBN 978-0-19-515833-5.
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Course Topics: Mathematical representation of signals, continuous and discrete-time signals, periodic signals, exponential and sinusoidal signals, impulse, linear continuous- and discrete-time systems, convolutions, Fourier series representation of continuous and discrete signals, different forms of the Fourier series, use and properties of the Fourier transform, continuous and discrete Fourier transform, sampling theorem, Nyquist rate, Laplace transform and its properties, discrete Laplace transform (Z-transform).

The list of topics of every lecture will be posted in Course Calendar.

Administrative matters: There are 2 lectures per week and a discussion. The lectures are given by the instructor and cover theoretical material from the textbook, together with a few examples. Discussion sessions are led by the TA who will work out in detail specific examples of useful problems and, sometimes, present clarifications of lecture material.

No class:  October 2, 2012
1st Midterm:
October 16.
2nd Midterm: November 15 (covers all the material from the beginning of the course)
Final exam - December 13, 8:00-10:00 am. The final exam will be comprehensive and cover the entire course.
All exams are closed books, two pages of notes are allowed (two pages written or typed on one side of two 8.5x11 sheets of paper or on both sides of one such sheet). No computers, calculators or other electronic equipment are allowed on the exams. There will be no makeup midterm exams unless there is a documented medical emergency.
Grading policy:
Midterm exam I - 25%, Midterm exam II - 25%, Final exam - 40%, Homeworks - 10%.

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Home Assignments:
HW0 (due on 9/6): B2(a,c,e), B3 (b,d,f), B20, B24, B35(a,d). Solutions
HW1 (due on 9/13) 1.1-2 (b,d), 1.1-5 (a,d,f),1.2-2,1.3-5,1.4-3,1.5-1(b,e,f). Solutions
HW2 (due on 9/20) 1.5-9, 1.5-10, 1.7-1, 1.7-7, 1.7-8, 1.8-3, 2.2-2, 2.2-4 Solutions
HW3 (due on 9/27) 2.4-5, 2.4-12, 2.4-18b,d,e,2.4-23 Solutions
HW4 (due on 10/11) 3.2-3, 3.3-2(b,d),3.3-7,3.4-3,3.4-10,3.7-3 Solutions
HW5 (due on 11/2) 4.1-1(b,d,f,h), 4.1-3(d,g), 4.3-1b, 4.3-6b, 4.4-1, 4.4-3 Solutions
HW6 (due on 11/27) 4.9-1(b,c), 4.9-2(b), 4.8-2(a,b,c), 4.10-1, 4.10-3, 5.1-2(b,f,i,l), 5.1-5(a,d) Solutions
HW7 (will not be collected or graded) 5.1-7, 5.2-6, 5.3-2, 6.1-3a,b (in b refer to Fig.6.1-3), 6.1-1 and 6.3-1 (parts b,d), 7.1-5 Solutions
Hand your papers to the instructor in class. Late homeworks (irrespective of the reason) will not be accepted.
Graded homeworks will be distributed at the Discussion Classes on Mondays. If you are unable to pick up your graded homework during a Discussion Session, you can arrange to pick it up later from the TA.

The best way to contact the instructor outside class and office hours is by e-mail. Generally your e-mails will be answered within a day or so.