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Regularly Offered ENEE Electives

The Department's General Academic Affairs Committee (GAAC) establishes the list of ENEE courses for each term well in advance. Below is a list of courses that will normally be offered in the indicated semesters. A list of offerings through the third semester ahead will be posted each early December and early May.  Such lists are intended to help students develop their 4-Year Plans.

Please note that this is a working list, students should verify the availaibility of these courses by visiting the Schedule of Classes in the Testudo website. 

Course Number
Course Title/Description
Spring 2014 Fall 2014
ENEE 359F Intermediate Topics in Computer Engineering; Advanced FPGA System Design using Verilog   X

Capstone: Microprocessor Based Design

ENEE 408C Capstone: Modern Digital System Design   X
ENEE 408D Capstone: Mixed Signal VLSI Design X  
ENEE 408E Capstone: Optical System Design   X
ENEE 408G Capstone: Multimedia Signal Process X  
ENEE 408I Capstone: Autonomous Control of Interacting Robots   X
ENEE 411 Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics
(was ENEE419A)
ENEE 413 Advanced Electronic Devices (was ENEE480)   X
ENEE 416 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory   X
ENEE 417 Microelectonic Design Laboratory X  
ENEE 419R Topics in Microelectronics; Renewable Energy   X
ENEE 420 Communication Systems X X
ENEE 425 Digital Signal Processing X X
ENEE 426 Commmunication Networks   X
ENEE 428 Communications Design Laboratory X X
ENEE 440 Microprocessors X X
ENEE 445 Computer Laboratory X X
ENEE 446 Digital Computer Design X X
ENEE 459C Topics in Computer Engineering; Computer Security   X
ENEE 460 Control Systems   X
ENEE 461/ENME 461 Control Systems Laboratory X  
ENEE 463 Digital Control Systems X  
ENEE 473 Electric Machines Laboratory X  
ENEE 474 Power Systems   X
ENEE 475 Power Electronics X  
ENEE486 Opto-electronics Laboratory   X
ENEE 489I Topics in Electrophysics; Solar Energy Conversion   X
ENEE 489Q Topics in Electrophysics; Quantum Phenomena in Electrical Engineering X  
ENEE 496 Lasers & Electro-Optic Devices X  

Also scheduled to be offered in the Fall 2014 semester:

Course Title/Description
ENEE407 Microwave-Circuits Lab
ENEE459B Topics in Computer Engineering: Reverse Engineering and Hardware Security Lab
ENEE459P Topics in Computer Engineering: Parallel Algorithms