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ENEE408B Capstone Design Project: Digital VLSI Design

Course Description: Utilization of modern CAD tools for the design of medium-complexity digital VLSI chips. The designs are developed by small student teams and include chip layouts and simulation results. Teams are given the option of having their designs fabricated externally and subsequently testing the fabricated chips for additional credit.

Prerequisite(s) ENEE 303, ENEE 350 (ENEE 446 strongly recommended)

Corequisite(s): None

Course Objectives:

  • Consolidate and apply key concepts in digital logic design, computer organization and electronic circuits introduced earlier in the core electrical and computer engineering curricula
  • Provide a complete hands-on experience in the design of custom digital VLSI circuits
  • Train students in the use of state-of-the-art design tools such as MAGIC, IRSIM and HSPICE

Topics Covered:

  • Digital systems and VLSI
  • Chip fabrication and layout
  • Design process: developing system specifications, partitioning system into components, specifying protocols between components
  • System optimization under real-world constraints: chip size, pin counts, operating speed, chip fabrication cost
  • Engineer's responsibility to perform complete simulations prior to fabrication and to properly document the tests performed on fabricated chips.
  • Combinational and sequential logic system design
  • Subsystem design
  • Floor planning
  • Architecture design
  • Chip design
  • Chip testing