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Technical Operations

Communications Design LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 428 Modded Computers
Embedded Systems LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 428 Modded Computers
Robosapian Him on the desk
Watch out Robosapian! Your gonna fall!
Optoelectronics LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 486
Optoelectronics LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 486
Electronic Circuits Design LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 206
Embedded Systems LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 445
Microelectronics Design LaboratoryNormal
ENEE 417

Our Mission:

The goal of Techops help team is to facilitate research areas and provide assistance to faculty.We have extensive knowledge and understanding in areas of construction, electrical, electronics, plumbing, cad drawing, machining and webdesign.

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