Communication, Control and Signal Processing Seminar

Time: Thursday 5:00pm-6:30pm
Venue: 2168 AVW

Fall 2015
09/10 Netanel Raviv (Technion/MIT) Construction of high-rate MSR codes over small fields.
09/17 Vinay Praneeth Boda (UMD) Non-Asymptotic Achievability Bounds in Information Theory.
09/24 Itzhak Tamo (Tel-Aviv University) Explicit [n,k] Minimum-Storage Regenerating Code for all d's in the range {k, k+1,...n-1} simultaneously.
10/8 Yuval Kochman (Hebrew University) Finite-blocklength lossy compression of infinite sequences.

Some Upcoming Talks
10/15 Alborz Alavian (UMD)
10/22 Pritam Mukherjee (UMD)
12/3 Heng Qiao (UMD)

Spring 2015
02/19 Alexey Frolov (IITP RAS, Moscow) On Multi-Threshold Decoding of q-ary LDPC codes
02/26 Alborz Alavian (UMD) Stabilizing Decentralized Systems with Arbitrary Information Structure
03/12 Sikai Qu (UMD) Zero-one law for the absence of isolated nodes for Multiplicative Attributes Graph
03/26 Janis Notzel (Technische Universitat Munchen) Arbitrarily Varying Wiretap Channel
04/02 Abbas Kazemipour (UMD) Robust Estimation of Self-Exciting Point Process with Application to Neuronal Modeling
04/13 Arya Mazumdar (UMN) Can we have local repair over a network?
04/23 Maice Costa (UMD) On the characterization of the age of information

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