Communication, Control and Signal Processing Seminar

Time: Thursday 5:00pm-6:30pm
Venue: 2168 AVW

Spring 2017

02/09 Abbas Kazemipour (UMD) Fast and Stable Signal Deconvolution via Compressible State-Space Models

03/01 Ayfer Ozgur (Stanford) Cover's Open Problem: "The Capacity of the Relay Channel''

03/09 Aneesh Raghavan (UMD) Detection of Markov Chain Models from Observed Data using Binary Hypothesis Testing and Consensus

03/16 Ajaykrishnan Nageswaran (UMD) The Asymptotics of Posterior Entropy and Error Probability for Bayesian Estimation

04/06 Proloy Das (UMD) Specto-temporal pursuit algorithm: an IRLS based decomposition technique

04/13 Min Ye (UMD) Optimal Schemes for Discrete Distribution Estimation under Locally Differential Privacy

04/20 Debdipta Goswami (UMD) Global bilinearization and controllability of control-affine nonlinear systems: A Koopman Spectral Approach

06/12 Amin Rahimian (UPenn/MIT) Group Decision Making and Social Learning

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