Labratory for Green Nanophotonics Optoelctronics and Nanosensing

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Laboratory for Green Nanophotonics,

Optoelectronics and Nanosensing




,KIM2133, KIM2245

Primary Investigator

Mario Dagenais

KIM Engineering Building

Research Areas:

    • Photovoltaic Research:
      • Quantum dot solar cells: intermediate band solar cells
      • CIGS/CIS solar cells
      • InGaN/GaN solar cells
    • Nanophotonics
      • Aperiodic grating filters for OH suppression using SiN/SiO2 integrated structures on Si
      • SiN/SiO2 arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) on Si for astrophysics applications
      • Nanophotonics on a Si platform for integrating atom optical traps
    • Nanoantenna based rectifier for solar energy scavenging
      • Mid IR antenna integrated with a geometrically asymmetric metal-insulator-metal rectifying antenna.
    • Mid IR room temperature interband cascade lasers (ICLs)
      • High power antimonide based interband cascade lasers operating at room temperature
      • Sub-wavelength dimension interband cascade lasers

For more details on our energy related projects, see our web pages on the University of Maryland Energy Research Center (UMERC)