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Aerospace (16)
Communications (117)
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Health Care (63)
Information and Computing (117)
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Product Innovation (62)
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Transportation (18)
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Aero/astrodynamics (12)
Architecture (26)
Biotech (59)
Chemicals (6)
Control Systems (49)
Cybersecurity (4)
Data (50)
Design (79)
Devices (78)
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Hardware (26)
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Nanotechnology (42)
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Neuroscience (13)
Nuclear (1)
Optics/lasers (28)
Physics (31)
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Programming (30)
Project Management (1)
Reliability (6)
Robotics (21)
Sensors (62)
Signal Processing (83)
Structures (11)
Systems (61)
Thermodynamics (4)
Vehicles (21)
Water (2)
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Department of Defense (51)
Department of Energy (7)
NIH (19)
NIST (2)
NSF (114)
Other (42)
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Results:  Latest Research Articles

UMD researchers find listening to sound changes how neurons interact within the brain
The brain encodes not only the acoustical properties of sounds, but also the behavioral meanings and decisions we make based on what we hear.  February 2, 2018  More »

Ephremides is PI for new ONR 'age of information' grant
The research will focus on the use of age for wireless network control.  November 30, 2017  More »

New microsystems detect, treat bacterial biofilms that cause post-operative infections
'Flexible impedance sensor' can fit inside urinary catheters, monitor and treat biofilms.  November 17, 2017  More »

Five Clark School faculty part of $8 million NIH grant to combat hearing loss in older people
Multidisciplinary research will examine strategies to improve communication challenges.  October 11, 2017  More »

Researchers part of two NSF Neural & Cognitive Systems grants worth more than $1.2 million
The NSF awards have been issued to U.S. cross-disciplinary teams to conduct innovative research focused on neural and cognitive systems.  August 10, 2017  More »

Khaligh-led student team wins award at IEEE IFEC competition
In first-ever entry, the Clark School team wins Best Presentation Award.  August 1, 2017  More »

Gang Qu receives NSF EAGER grant for hardware security
The research will focus on the development of three enabling technologies to establish polymorphic gates as a hardware security primitive.  July 17, 2017  More »

MSE Research Reveals Unique Ionic Diffusion Mechanism in Super-Ionic Conductors  
Mo, He and Zhu devise an ‘ion transport highway’ for solid-state batteries.  June 22, 2017  More »

Decade of TMV research leads to never-before-seen microsystems for energy storage, biosensors and self-sustaining systems
Long-term Ghodssi-Culver partnership has used the Tobacco mosaic virus as a biological nanoscaffold for groundbreaking devices.  June 19, 2017  More »

Ghodssi, Bentley receive NSF EAGER grant to develop ingestible capsules for medical diagnosis
"Gut-Nav" capsules will be designed to detect problems in the gastro-intestinal tract, including pancreatic cancer and inflammatory bowel disease screening.  June 5, 2017  More »