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Anlage, Steven M.

Dr. Steven Anlage
Physics/ECE/Center for Superconductivity Research
1367 Physics Building

Research Interests 

  • Measurements of the nonlinear Meissner Effect and other fundamental properties of superconductors using near-field microwave microscopes
  • Understanding the superconductor / normal-metal phase transition in cuprates through measurements of critical behavior at finite frequencies
  • Development of nm-resolution near-field microwave microscopes for dielectric and metal measurements
  • Scanning Laser Microscopy of RF current flow and local sources of nonlinearity in superconducting microwave devices
  • Experimental study of chaos in nonlinear circuits at RF and microwave frequencies
  • Fundamental studies in quantum chaos through electromagnetic analog experiments
  • Experimental study of left-handed metamaterials
  • Assist Neocera, Inc. in the development of a commercial near-field microwave microscope


Professor Anlage, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, 1988, is an experimentalist interested in the basic physics and applications of superconductivity, the use of near-field microwave microscopes to investigate the nano-scale fundamental physics of correlated electron systems, and experimental quantum chaos.

Prof. Anlage has investigated the mechanism of high-temperature superconductivity in the copper-oxide materials through measurements of microwave surface impedance and fluctuation conductivity. His main interests are in elucidating the electron pairing mechanism, measuring the intrinsic nonlinear response in the Meissner state, and understanding the nature of the superconductor/normal phase transition in high-Tc materials. All of this comes from measurements of the electrodynamic response of superconductors by various means, including resonant and non-resonant rf, microwave, and millimeter-wave techniques.

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