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31st Annual HCIL Symposium
Thursday, May 29, 2014
8:00 a.m.
Computer Science Instructional Center (CSIC)
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31st Annual Human-Computer Interaction Lab Symposium


8:15-9am Registration & Breakfast
 9-10:30am   Plenary Talks
    Welcome/Introduction (Jennifer Golbeck)
    From Academic Papers to an Emmy: Oh the places you'll go when designing technology with children (Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, Evan Golub, Jason Yip, Beth Bonsignore, Beth Foss, Brenna McNally, Leyla Norooz)
    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) @ Maryland (Ben Bederson)
    Visualization of Temporal Event Sequences and Cohort Comparison (Megan Monroe, Catherine Plaisant, Ben Shneiderman)
    Making with a Social Purpose (Jon Froehlich, et al)
 10:30am-12pm   Morning Talks
    Mobile Interface Theory for UX Design (Jason Farman)
    What Tangible Computing Is Teaching Us about Creative Thinking (Tim Clausner, Mary Lou Maher, Allison Druin, Mona Leigh Guha, Berto Gonzoles, Kaz Grace)
    Capturing Social and Personal Science: Technology for supporting the building blocks of disposition (Tamara Clegg)
    Digital Identity Management (Jessica Vitak)
    HCI, Privacy, and Social Media (Jen Golbeck)
 10:30am-5pm   Full-Day Tutorials and Workshops
    T1: Introduction to Usability Testing (Bill Killam)
    W1: Visualization of Electronic Health Record Data (Ben Shneiderman, Catherine Plaisant)
    W2: Hack Education!: Designing learning futures (June Ahn, Tamara Clegg)
 12-1pm   Lunch
 1-5pm   Afternoon Talks
    BodyVis: A wearable, e-textile, auto-sensing shirt for teaching anatomy and physiology to children (Leyla Norooz, Jon Froehlich)
    Social Fabric Fitness: The design and evaluation of wearable e-textile displays to support group running (Matt Mauriello, Jon Froehlich, Michael Gubbels)
    Combining Human Computation and Computer Vision to Make the World More Accessible (Kotaro Hara, Jon Froehlich, Jin Sun, David Jacobs, Ruofei Du, et al)
    Mobile and Wearable Device Use by People with Visual Impairments (Meethu Malu, Hanlu Ye, Uran Oh, Leah Findlater)
    User-defined Gestures by Children and Adults (Karen Rust, Meethu Malu, Leah Findlater, Lisa Anthony)
    Gestural Programming Language for Physical Computing (Michael Gubbels)
    uCap: A Data Cap Management Tool for the Home (Marshini Chetty)
    "Google is, like, the helper of the world": Curious findings in youth Internet search (Beth Foss)
    From the HCIL to Sesame Street: Lessons learned on children, families, and design (Jason Yip)
    Incorporating Peephole Interactions into Children's Second Language Learning Activities on Mobile Devices (Mona Leigh Guha, Brenna McNally, Leah Findlater)
    Synchronous Classroom Interaction: Using technology to take advantage of being face-to-face (Ben Bederson, Anne Rose)
    Self-paced, Mastery-based Courses on Campus (Ben Bederson)
    Keshif: A simple, rich, and general facet-based visualization (Adil Yalcin, Ben Bederson)
    New Thinking about End-user Programming for Web Automation: User understanding and tools (Tak Yeon Lee, Ben Bederson)
    Crowdsourcing to Build Lists of Things (Alex Quinn)
 1-5pm   Half-Day Tutorials and Workshops
    T2: Interfaces from the Top down and Ground up: How theory and experiment inform design (Tim Clausner)
    W3: Mobile Interface Design and Storytelling (Jason Farman)
 5:15pm-6pm   Reception & Demo/Poster Session


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