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Booz Allen Hamilton Colloquium: "Research at JHU Human Language Center""
Friday, September 21, 2012
3:00 p.m.
J.H. Kim Engineering Building, Room 1110
For More Information:
Carrie Hilmer
301 405 4471

Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium in Electrical and Computer Engineering

"Research at the Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence"

Dr. Richard Cox
Director, Human Language Technology Center of Excellence
The Johns Hopkins University


The Johns Hopkins University Human Language Technology Center of Excellence was founded in January 2007 to research all aspects of speech and language technologies. The HLTCOE focuses on algorithms and technology for automatically analyzing a wide range of large, static corpora and fast-moving streams, consisting of speech and text documents in multiple languages and genres for large corpora. The overall goal is to create structured information from large amounts of unstructured language data. We examine every aspect of how computers can interact with human language – from low-level signal processing to high-level inference tasks, and many stages in between. In this talk I will describe what the HLTCOE is: our vision, our core challenge problems, and various areas in which we conduct research.


Dr. Cox, the current Director of JHU Human Language Technology Center of Excellence, was previously Vice President of speech and image processing services research at AT&T Labs, with responsibility for all research in speech, audio, image, video, and multimedia processing, including areas such as speech coding, audio (music) coding, speaker recognition, very large vocabulary speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, spoken language translation, and human hearing. Among its many accomplishments, his lab was responsible for the creation of the first AT&T Labs business, Natural Voices, specializing in text-to-speech synthesis. Dr. Cox received his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, he is a Fellow of the IEEE, where he has been active in the leadership of the IEEE Signal Processing Society. He is a recipient of the IEEE 3rd Millennium Medal in 2000, as well as the AT&T Science & Technology Medal in 1999. Dr. Cox has taught at Rutgers and Princeton Universities.

This Event is For: Public • Clark School • Graduate • Undergraduate • Faculty • Post-Docs • Alumni

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