ENEE 759C - Compiler Optimizations for Modern Architectures and Embedded Systems

Spring 2005

This site contains the latest information about the course.  The course description on the department webpage is out-of-date.

Welcome to the course homepage for ENEE759C.  This course will cover architecture-specific compiler optimizations for modern-day microprocessors and embedded systems. A large body of compiler research today is very architecture-specific, being tailored for architectures such as superscalar architectures, VLIW machines, software-exposed architectures and embedded systems. The course will explain how underlying architectural features influence compilers. Topic selection is influenced by expected `hot' directions in the practice and research of computer architecture over the next decade.

The course will mostly consist of discussions of research papers, and a few lectures. The overall work-load will be light, mainly reading of recommended papers and writing a 1/2 page report on the paper of the week (for the first 8 presentations only). Students will learn how to use the SUIF compiler infrastructure. The course is primarily targeted towards graduate students and motivated seniors.

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Prof.  Rajeev Barua.  Last updated April 18, 2005.
This site is http://www.ece.umd.edu/class/enee759c