ENEE 445 - Microcomputer Laboratory

Spring 2004

TA Information

Quang Trinh (section 0101)
Lab Hours: Thursday 9 am - 12 pm
Office Hours: Wednesday 12:15-1:15 pm
Email: trinh@wam.umd.edu
AIM: batteamate
      Mike Martin (section 0102)
Lab Hours: Wednesday 9 am - 12 pm
Office Hours: Tues 10:45-11:45, Wed 12:15-1:15
Email: mbmartin@glue.umd.edu
AIM: Mike0724

Newgroup: news://eenet.eng.umd.edu/enee.445-hawkins.discussion

Lab Projects

  • Lab 0 "445 Lab#0: If you translate the hardware schematic in the attachment to ABEL
    and test in simulation you can verify your transform design immediately. The
    remaining jobs you face (which can be solved individually and then integrated into the solution) are:
    - loading the transform shift register from a processor write;
    - enabling the shift clock for 8 cycles (only) after the processor write;
    - putting the output shift register data on the processor bus for a processor read."


  • Lab 1 and 2 * Lab 2 report due 5/11 (Tuesday) *
  • Lab 3

    Abel References

  • Overview of Abel
  • Abel References
  • Tutorial on high-level schematic editor and low-level abel modules

    Manuals and Data Sheets

  • Intel 188 Data sheet
  • Intel 80C186XL/80C188XL User's Manual
  • Xilinx XC5200 Series Data Sheet
  • Agilent Logic Analyzer Manual


    No required textbooks, but the following are recommended and are kept in the lab for your reference:

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