ENEE 380 Electromagnetic Theory

Fall 2004

Class Hours: MWF 10:00am-10:50am CHM 0119 Recitation Class Hours: 0101, W 8:00pm-8:50pm EGR 1102,
0102, M 3:00pm-3:50pm EGR 3114
Instructor: Prof. M. J. Rhee Teaching Assistant: Guangyu Zhu, Ray
Office: A. V. Williams Bldg., Room 1317 Office: 1153 EGL
Office Hours: MWF 11:00-12:00 am Office Hours: 2:00-3:00 pm (Mon), 9:00-10:00 am (Wed), and by appointment.
Phone: 301-405-1239 Phone: 301-935-2599 (home)
E-mail: rhee@eng.umd.edu E-mail: zhugy@umd.edu
Textbook: D. Cheng, Fields and Wave Electromagnetics Second Edition, Addison Wesley, 1992.
Teaching Fellow: Andrej Rasevic, E-mail: arasevic@umd.edu, Office hours: Th 2-4 pm in 1202A of IREAP

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