ENEE 350H- Computer Organization

Fall 2006

Welcome to the class homepage for ENEE350H for fall 2006.  Please look at this site frequently for the latest course information, homeworks and announcements.

Course Information:

      Course Information page

      Important dates (includes homework schedule)

      High-level topic syllabus

      Detailed section-wise syllabus (NEW)


      Information on DLX and its software.


      Homework 1

      Homework 2

            Solutions to homework 2

      Homework 3

            Solutions to homework 3

      Homework 4

            Solutions to homework 4

      Homework 5

            Solutions to homework 5

      Homework 6

            Solutions to homework 6

      Homework 7

            Solutions to homework 7

Exam solutions:

      Solutions to Midterm I

      Solutions to Midterm II

      Solutions to Final Exam

Practice exams:

       Practice Midterm I examination

            Solutions to practice midterm I examination

       Practice Midterm II examination

            Solutions to practice midterm II examination

       Practice Final examination

            Solutions to practice final examination

Updated by Prof. Rajeev Barua, December 14, 2006.