ENEE 350H- Computer Organization

Fall 2004

Welcome to the class homepage for ENEE350H for fall 2004.  Please look at this site frequently for the latest course information, homeworks and announcements.

Course Information:

      Course Information page

      Important dates (includes homework schedule)

      Sections in syllabus from textbook 

Practice questions and exams:  

      Practice questions from textbook

      Practice Midterm I exam

            Answers to practice Midterm I

      Practice Midterm II exam

            Answers to practice Midterm II

      Practice questions on Virtual Memory

            Answers to practice questions on Virtual Memory

      Practice Final exam

            Answers to practice final exam



      Information on DLX and its software.


      Homework 1

      Homework 2

            Solutions to Homework 2

      Homework 3

            Solutions to Homework 3

      Homework 4

            Solutions to Homework 4

      Homework 5

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      Homework 6

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      Homework 7

           Solutions to Homework 7

Answers to exams:

      Answers to Midterm 1

      Answers to Midterm 2

      Answers to Final exam

Updated by Prof. Rajeev Barua, October 6, 2004.