ENEE 306/307 Fall 2006

Electronic Circuits Design Laboratory; (2 credits) Prerequisite: ENEE 302. Students will design, construct and test analog and digital circuits at the transistor level. Bipolar and field effect transistors will be covered. Circuits designed will include common emitter and differential amplifiers, active filter, TTL and CMOS logic gates. Students should gain much of the background required for the design of modern microelectronic circuits.


Prof. Chia-Hung Yang (http://www.ece.umd.edu/~yang)

·         Office: Room 1323, AVW

·         Office hours: Monday and Wednesday, 4-5p.m., in room 1323, AVW

·         Phone: (301)405-3673; e-mail: yang@ece.umd.edu

·         Weekly schedule and the TA’s office hours of all laboratories; listing of all sessions at testudo

·         Lecture on Wednesday 9:00am- 9:50am (CSI 1115)

·         Grading method:

·         1/3 on pre-laboratory report (as homework); 1/3 on during-the-laboratory performance; and the last 1/3 on post-laboratory report.

·         For the description of pre-lab- and post-lab-reports, please find the links below on prelab and postlab reports.

·         The pre-lab report is for you to first review the subject material from the ENEE303 textbook. That is, you should have grasped a good understanding to the circuit to be built when you come to this laboratory course.

·         The post-lab report has the experimentally measured facts, your comparison to equations (theory), and your other observations or discussions.

·         There is a total of 8 laboratories this semester.

·         No final examination.

·         Academic calendar for the Fall2006 term:

Classes Start 8/30/06 (Wednesday)

Labor Day Holiday 9/4/06 (Monday)

Thanksgiving Holiday 11/23/06 (Thursday) through 11/24/06 (Friday)

Last Class 12/12/06 (Tuesday)

Study Day 12/13/06 (Wednesday)

Final Exams Start 12/14/06 (Thursday)

Final Exams End 12/20/06 (Wednesday)

Main Winter Commencement Ceremony 12/20/06 (Wednesday Evening)

College Commencement Ceremonies 12/21/06 (Thursday)

·         Laboratory#0 equipment

1.      Dump data from the oscilloscope to the bench PC, for either image or strings of numbers

2.      How to run PSPICE from the bench PC

3.      Manual for the oscilloscope Tektronix TDS3012B

4.      Manual for the signal generator AFG3022

5.      Component characteristics

1.      CA3600E datasheet (in PSPICE library, replacement of HEF4007UB)

2.      HEF4007UB datasheet (also in stock at the EEshop: MC14007UB and CD4007UB)

3.      NPN bipolar transistor 2n3904

4.      PNP bipolar transistor 2n3906

·         Laboratory reports

1.      Prelab report instruction (and one example)

2.      Postlab report instruction (and one example)


Laboratory handouts

·         Laboratory#0 --- to get familiar with the equipment, data acquisition, and data storage

·         Laboratory#1 --- PN junction diode and dc power supply

·         Laboratory#2 --- n-MOSFET, p-MOSFET, CMOS linear amplifier, and CMOS logic inverter

·         Laboratory#3 --- n-MOSFET Common-source amplifier

·         Laboratory#4 --- 2n3904 npn bipolar transistor and 2n3906 bipolar transistor, and current mirror

·         Laboratory#5 --- differential pair amplifier with the current mirror as the current source and the active load

·         Laboratory#6 --- LF353 operational amplifier: amplifier, filter, integrator, and multivibrator

·         Laboratory#7 --- quartz tuning fork oscillator with a CMOS inverter as a driver

·         Laboratory#8 --- CMOS implementation of SRAM and other common logic gates

·         Laboratory#9 --- AM modulation and demodulation circuit, n-channel depletion mode JFET 2n5457