ENEE 114 - Programming Concepts for Engineering

Spring 2005

(Some materials are for registered ENEE 114 students only.)

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(05/22) Letter grade of the course has been posted. The calculation method and each part of the grade are also posted. If you believe that something is wrong, please email me (gangqu@glue.umd.edu) and cc your section TA as soon as possible and no later than 8:00 am Tuesday, May 24th.

(05/19) Grade on Final exam is posted for those who have signed the top part of the exam paper. It is sorted by the indices that you have agreed on.
Basic stats:
Top 3: 106.5, 101.5, 95.5 (2 tied).
Average: 71.7
Medium: 76.5
90+: 11
80+: 16
70+: 16
60+: 19
50+: 8
50-: 7

The final letter grade will be posted with the project 4 score and homework 4 score once I get them.

(05/16) An update on the optional project 5 is posted. Even if you are not doing it, you are encouraged to read it and hopefully you may find it helpful for your future promising engineering career.

Please let me know if you have not received an email about the posting of this. Check the email account that you notified me that you would like to try this project.

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