ENEE 698B - Computer Engineering Seminar

Spring 2006

Topic Offerings

Date Topic Student
Feb 1 Overview of malicious code and their mechanisms of attack Michael Martin
Feb 8 Software defenses against malicious code Matthew Simpson
Feb 15 Hardware defenses against malicious code Li Yi
Feb 22 Hardware design of multi-core single-chip processors Pankaja Dakhane
March 1 Software for scheduling and single-task acceleration on multi-core single-chip processors Mahesh Ramachandran
March 8 Checkpointing, recovery and replay techniques. Karandeep Singh
March 15 Garbage collection Paul Yu
March 22 NO CLASS  
March 29 Program slicing: concepts, techniques and uses. Sean Leventhal
April 5 Intermediate language design alternatives in compiler infrastructures. Xiangrong Zhou
April 12 Java and its variants for embedded systems.  
April 19 Real-time scheduling for embedded systems  
April 26 Custom memory allocation for embedded systems Ruirui Gu
May 3    
May 10