Instructions on sending the instructor your selection of papers

Please read the page under 'topics and schedule' carefully for determining how many papers you need to pick.  In general,  students will need to pick a main paper and one or more other papers.  Please mail me the names and if possible the URLs of the papers you pick. This information must be emailed to me at least 10 days before your presentation - you will lose 10 percent credit for your presentation for every day of delay beyond that.  For example, if your presentation is on Wednesday, Feb 22, you must email me your selection by the end of Sunday, Feb 12.

The names of the papers you select must me emailed to me in exactly the following example format, that is, author list, title and journal or conference where it appears:

W. W. Hwu, R. E. Hank, D. M. Gallagher, S. A. Mahlke, D. M. Lavery, G. E. Haab, J. C. Gyllenhaal, and D. I. August, "Compiler Technology for Future Microprocessors",  Proceedings of the IEEE, 83(12), December 1995, pp. 1625-1640.

URL :  . . .  url name (if available) . . . (Make sure this is the actual paper, not a page listing the paper!)

Students must make every effort to trace down a URL for the papers they select.  Most ACM publications since 1987 are available on  (accessible from glue accounts only).  Many other papers are listed on the home pages or research pages of the leading authors.  The website is also a good resource in searching for papers.  If no URL can be found, students must hand me a copy of the paper in good condition at least 10 days before their presentation - please leave it in my mailbox in room AVW2464, clipped, not stapled.