ENEE 698B - Computer Engineering Seminar

Spring 2006

Course Information


Wed, 1:00-:50pm, EGR 2112 (This may change- watch for announcements!)

Instructor: Dr. Rajeev Barua

Office: AVW 1431
Email: barua@eng.umd.edu
Telephone: 301-405-8137


1) To learn about a variety of advanced topics in compilers and computer architecture for microprocessors and embedded systems
2) To learn to research and present technical information.

Class Organization

The computer engineering seminar is a 1-credit course. It is not a free credit, as some students believe. Rather, you can expect to do about one third the amount of work as compared to a 3-credit course.
Each student will have the following tasks:
To accomplish the above, each student will be required to select one topic to research and present, from the list provided. One student will then be assigned to present that topic in a class presentation.
10 days prior to leading a topic, the students presenting it must send me the names of at least two papers (one main paper, plus another) that will be the focus of discussion (Look at instructions on the class homepage). Copies of these papers will be distributed in class one week before the topic is covered, or if an online version is available, the students should print out the paper from the web.  During the seminar period, the students will spend about 15 minutes on an overview, 15 minutes on the technical details, and 20 minutes for questions and answers.
Before each seminar, every student (including those presenting) will submit a half-page (approx 30-lines in ASCII) pre-seminar report that answers a few key questions about one of the main papers that will be presented.  The presenters must write on their own main paper in this report.


Presentation  50%
Pre-Seminar Reports 50%

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