Information on DLX
ENEE 446 - Digital Computer Design (section 201)
Spring 2004

DLX is the name of a simple RISC ISA.   It is a simplified version of the MIPS architecture, and is quite similar to it.  While the architecture is simple, it accurately portrays many aspects of many modern RISC ISAs.   The DLX instruction set is summarized in a one-page pdf file found below.  A longer description is also available below.

You will need use a simulator for DLX called dlxsim.  Its manual is available below.  Dlxsim has been installed in a publicly-visible directory in glue, so all of you should be able to use it.  Information on how to access DLX software on glue is available in the last link below.

    Project description

     DLX instruction set summary

     DLX instruction set description

     DLX simulator manual

     Information on running and modifying DLX on Glue machines