Important dates
ENEE 350H - Computer Organization
Fall 2004

                                    Posted                        Due back

Homework 1                Sept 7(Tu)                  Sept 14(Tu)
(Programming assignment)

Homework 2                Sept 14(Tu)                Sept 23(Th)

Homework 3                Sept 23(Th)                Sept 30(Th)

                    -- Midterm 1:  (Oct 5, Tue in class)

Homework 4                Oct 14(Th)                 Oct 21(Th)

Homework 5                Oct 26(Tu)                 Nov 2(Tu)

                    -- Midterm 2:  (Nov 4, Thu in class)

Homework 6                Nov 16(Tu)                Nov 23(Tu)

Homework 7                Nov 18(Th)                Dec 2(Th)
(Programming Project)

Homework 8                Dec 2(Th)                   Dec 9(Th)

                            Last day of Classes: December 10 (Friday)

                -- Final exam:  (Monday, Dec 13, 8:00-10:00am) --

All the above dates are subject to change, except the final exam date.  Any changes will be announced in class.