Software Resources

As mentioned in class, you will be using the C programming environment on the UMD Glue system, including the GNU C compiler, or "gcc". There are several open labs on campus that you can go to to get access to Glue. You can also connect to Glue using secure shell, or "ssh", from your home computer. A commonly used version of ssh on windows platforms is "putty" which can be downloaded here:


In addition to connecting to Glue from your home computer, you are also welcome to develop C programs entirely on your home computer. A good environment for doing this is "cygwin", which provides a UNIX shell-like environment on windows platforms. The cygwin environment includes a port of gcc. Cygwin can be found here:


If you use cygwin or any other windows-based environments, be sure to try compiling and running your programs on the Glue system before submitting the code. As mentioned in class, there are incompatibilities between different C compilers. Because we will be grading your projects on Glue, it's very important that you make sure your program works on Glue.

Although you are allowed to use any editor you like to create your programs, we recommend using the emacs editor. A port of emacs to windows platforms can be found here:


If you develop C programs on your home computer, you will need to load them onto Glue (so that you can test them under the Glue system, and to finally submit them electronically using the submit software). One way to load files onto Glue is to use WinSCP, a free secure copy program based on ssh. You can download WinSCP at: