Course Announcements

21 August 2017:
Dear ENEE 150 Students:

I wanted to welcome everyone to ENEE 150 before the semester gets going. I hope all of you have a productive semester, and in particular, get something out of ENEE 150. If you're receiving this email, then you are registered for ENEE 150. I look forward to seeing everyone in class on August 29th.


2 September 2017:
Dear ENEE 150 Students:

The TAs have setup their office hours tenatively:

Adam: Tuesdays 6:00pm, Fridays 11:00am
Trinish: Mondays 1:00pm, Wednesdays 1:00pm
Aditya: Thursdays 1:00pm, Fridays 12:00pm
Eddie: Mondays 2:00pm, Wednesdays 11:00am

As I mentioned, my office hours will be Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:00pm. If there are any changes, I'll let you know. But for now, this is what we've settled upon. Office hours will start next week on Tuesday. The TA's office hours will be held in AVW 1442 (the same room as the recitations). My office hours are in AVW 1323 (my office).

regards, Don.

16 September 2017:
Adam's office hours were incorrectly listed on the course website as being on Friday at 12:00. They are actually on Friday at 11:00am. (He also has office hours on Tuesday at 6pm). This has now been corrected on the course web site.

27 September 2017:
Some of you are having trouble running your shell scripts for problem 2 in the homework. In addition to creating the script, the file you save it to must have executable privileges. If the file only has read or write privilege, it cannot be run as a script. The UNIX command "chmod" can be used to change the privileges on a file on linux.glue:

chmod 777

where is whatever file name you gave your script. "777" gives read, write, and execute privilege to the file, which will allow you to run the script.

3 October 2017:
Since we just had an exam and there are no assignments, I'm canceling my office hours for today. If you have to reach me about anything, please email me and we can setup another time.

10 October 2017:
I have posted the public test vectors for Project 2 on the course website (under the Project 2 Files hyperlink). There are 3 public test vectors this time. Please use these to help debug your project code.

13 October 2017:
I have just computed the early warning grades and have posted them. You should be able to see them soon (if not right now). The TAs will also post your midterm scores sometime tonight or tomorrow on ELMs.

If you have any questions on your standing in the class, please come by to talk to me.

15 October 2017:
Because of the project 2 due date next week, we will have some extra office hours. On Wednesday evening, the TAs will do 5-7pm. On Thursday, the due date for the project, I'll do 3-5. (You are welcome to come to my office before 3:00 if you want. If you come after 2:15 or 2:30, I probably won't turn you away). Then, Adam will do after 5:00. Best of luck on the project!