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Shuvra Bhattacharyya

Research Interests :

VLSI signal processing, embedded software, and hardware/software co-design.

Research Scientists:
William Plishker

Research Interests :

Dataflow representation and analysis techniques for multicore including GPUs and general purpose multicore systems

Application areas of software defined radio, medical imaging, high energy physics, and other embedded systems.

Chung-Ching Shen

Research Interests :

System prototyping of low-power sensor networks, hardware/software co-design with ultra low power microcontrollers

Low-power optimization of memory and communication protocol algorithms, hardware/software co-design for distributed embedded system applications. 

Graduate Students:

Inkeun Cho

Research Interests :

Embedded S/W design, Wireless Sensor Network, FPGA design of Wireless Communication System Signal Processing. 

llya Chukhman

Research Interests :

DSP Design, Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Wireless Sensor Networks, Wireless Communications and Security.

Scott Kim


Research Interests :

Embedded systems, computer architecture, hardware/software co-design, FPGA synthesis for DSP.

Shuoxin (Allen) Lin 

Research Interests :

Digital signal processing systems, hardware-software co-design, wireless sensor network, low-power system design. 

Kishan Sudusinghe

Research Interests :

Embedded systems, Digital Signal processing systems, DSP applications on Image and Video, Hardware Software Co-design

 Lai-Huei Wang

Research Interests :

Digital signal processing systems, Wireless communication systems, Hardware/Software co-design

Stephen Won

Research Interests :

Embedded Software Design, Communication System Signal and Image Processing, Dataflow based modeling  

Hsiang-Huang Wu

Research Interests :

Hardware/Software co-design and VLSI testing.

George Zaki

Research Interests :

Digital design, digital signal processing systems, HW- SW codesign, networked embedded systems, wireless communications.

Zheng Zhou

Research Interests : 

Multicore embedded system HW/SW co-design, Distributed system modeling, Wireless communication system

Visiting Researchers:

Karol Desnos

Sep. 2012 -

INSA, Rennes, France